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All that you need to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and more is CryptoSasa, the crypto exchange for all Africans.

Trade the most popular cryptos at competitive global market prices in KES.

Born in Kenya. Made for Africa.

  • Invest with local currency
  • Local support team, based in Kenya
  • Available in English and Swahili

1. Create an account

in less than 2 minutes.

2. Load your wallet

with KES using mobile money and bank transfer.

3. Select a crypto

to see the current price in KES.

4. Choose your crypto & buy

Set the quantity and click buy.

Buy crypto in 4 simple steps.

  • No need to install a mobile app
  • Simple and easy sign up
  • Get verified in minutes

Sell crypto the smart way.

  • Free secure wallet
  • Instantly sell at market prices and local currency
  • Withdraw to mobile money or bank transfer
  • No need to advertise and wait for buyers to call
  • We take your security and privacy seriously
  • Create wealth for yourself & your family

CryptoSasa is this easy to use:


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Trade in the global crypto markets.

  • Competitive global market prices
  • No hidden costs, everything is transparent
  • Real time prices in your local currency
  • Take part in the global digital economy
Trade in the global crypto markets

What is CryptoSasa?

CryptoSasa is a cryptocurrency exchange that is headquartered in Kenya, with the vision to roll out operations to the rest of the continent. We are the crypto exchange for all in that we offer access to all people who are looking for a way to invest in the digital economy. Our platform enables people to access digital assets in a simple, cost-effective and secure manner so that they can create wealth for themselves and their families.

Who owns CryptoSasa?

CryptoSasa is owned and run by a group of local and international investors who are based in Kenya. They are committed to the growth of individual and community wealth in Africa. They came together to create a platform that allows Africans to access the digital economy safely and cost-effectively, in a manner far different from the current reality.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

A crypto exchange or cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where investors can buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies using the current market prices. A crypto exchange also allows investors to convert their cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies.

A crypto exchange allows investors to create accounts, deposit fiat money onto a wallet and use it to invest in the digital economy. It also allows investors to withdraw money from their wallets and move this money to a mobile money platform, or bank account.

How can I reach CryptoSasa?

We are here for you to help you take off with crypto and create wealth for yourself & your family.

Reach us on:

Let’s take off with crypto. Together.

Your CryptoSasa family

What returns can I expect if I access the market on CryptoSasa?

As with every other investment, there is a measure of risk when trading in cryptocurrencies. We cannot guarantee returns on investment. We do, however, encourage our clients to arm themselves with the tools and information required to be able to successfully navigate the digital economy.

Our promise is to provide a secure trading environment with access to the most popular cryptocurrencies for our customers to invest in. We do this using as simple a process as possible, without compromising on security and safety.

Is trading in cryptocurrency really safe?

There are two ways to answer this question:

The first is concerning the platform.

Cryptocurrencies are safe because they are built on blockchain technology. The easiest way of defining it is that blockchain is a secure digital ledger that is stored in multiple locations. This prevents information on trades from being lost. To enhance security, however, some crypto exchanges and investors also use what is known as ‘cold storage’ to protect their valuable assets. Cold storage is a device that is offline or not connected to the internet. This, however, requires the investor to be careful with the device and its password to prevent the loss of their assets. CryptoSasa is a centralized exchange. All crypto assets are kept in a secure vault.

The second is concerning the investments.

Cryptocurrencies are known for large market fluctuations. However, like with every other investment, risk management is possible and wise investments are called for. CryptoSasa focuses on the biggest crypto tokens in terms of market capitalization, but this is not a guarantee that an investor will not experience losses while trading in these digital assets.

Can I trade 24/7?

One can trade in cryptocurrencies as long as the markets are active and accessible. This is ordinarily 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The CryptoSasa platform is set up to support year-round investment activity and our customer service team is on standby every day to offer you support.

Frequently asked Questions

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